The Budds of Quainton – close but no cigar!

Well, I really thought I’d solved it – see earlier post “William Budd – lineage solved?”

Tying up William, Thomas and Samuel, all players in the trail that will eventually lead us to William’s lineage, seemed very convincing.

So I got the underlying transcripts this week from the wonderful Buckinghamshire Family History Society (so fast, accurate and helpful, thank you!) and have spent a quiet Sunday morning ticking and bashing through them.

It didn’t take long for my theory to unravel.

The Thomas Budd of Quainton who I suggested was the signatory to WH Budd’s marriage in 1798 actually died an infant of probably 3 months in Quainton in Feb 1744.

The William Budd of Quainton who I suggested was our William, also died a one month old infant there in Feb 1745 (bless them, the William and Eleanor of Quainton had a series of infant deaths).

The Samuel Budd of St Olave’s Southwark whom I suggested was a relative of our William, and still could be, whilst having parents whose names were John and Mary, I can find no link to a similarly named couple of Quainton (which I needed to in order to get a link between this Samuel and our William).

For the record, in case in the future someone else is working on this hypothesis, and to complete the public dismantling of my theory, I attach the facts:

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 06.18.28Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 06.18.14

This will perhaps teach me not to get excited too soon and put these things out there, but I suppose it does chart the ups and downs of this wonderful project.

We keep going…