William Budd’s lineage

With William Budd’s death now pretty much resolved (see my earlier Blog on this topic), I have turned my attention to William’s birth and his immediate family.  This seems to be a little harder to pin down.

One lead appears to be that when William and Ann had their first son, William Hayward in the parish of George the Martyr, Southwark in early 1776, there was another Budd, Samuel, living in the same parish (he and his wife Ann Dredge had five children in that parish from 1776 – 1787).  It seems significant that two Budds were living in the same parish – that they were related seems to be a hypothesis worth exploring.  I haven’t had any luck to date!

Interestingly, William and Ann’s marriage certificate cites him as being from the Diocese of London, and says that he was also a widower.  Again, no further clues unearthed on this thread to date.

That William came from London and had his first child there makes me think that he was a Londoner and was perhaps born there (as opposed to Gloucester, where he married Ann in her parish, and Wiltshire, where so many of his children ended up living out their years, and where I believe he lived in the latter part of his life from 1801 until his death in 1821, again, see my previous blog on this).

Margaret ROSE has commented elsewhere on this Blog that there’s a witness to William Hayward Budd’s marriage to Mary Packer called Thomas Budd.  Margaret’s view is that the signature is not that of WHB’s brother Thomas Hayward Budd, and her hypothesis is that this could be an uncle – William Budd Snr’s brother.

Interestingly, there is a William (b 1744, 2 years adrift from the believed birth date of our William Snr) and a Thomas, both with the same parents (William and Eleanor Budd) born in Quainton, Bucks – so this could be a lead worth following up.

To date, nothing definitive…any clues welcome!


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